SP0210.01 : Bơm tự mồi (Bơm CIP) - DONJOY
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Bơm tự mồi (Bơm CIP) - Self - priming Pump (CIP Pump) - DO
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Hãng cung cấp : DONJOY
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Chất lượng : Bảo hành 18 tháng
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The pump is a sanitary side channel self-priming pump,it is  idea for food processing,pharmacy and chemical industry. It is  specially desiged for pumping materials containing air or gas,and it can also be used for negative suction with prior priming as well as filtration equipment.

It can be used with wine, oil, syrups, volatile products such as alcohol, acetone and othere solvents. or with products at temperatures close to boiling point. However,the main purpose of this pump is for CIP recovery. The impeller is housed between inlet body and the venturi casing and it rotates in conjunction with the pump shaft. The rotation of the impeller and arrangement of the side channel,creates a negative pressure inside the inlet body, which generates the suction force of the pump. At the same time, the fluid receives energy in the form of kinetic energy and pressure energy., and this impels it through the impeller casing.



Technical specifications:                                        

Max. Flow: 30m3/h / 132 GPM
Max. Lift: 30 H(M)
Max. Pressure: 3Bar/ 43 PSI
Max. Temperature: 120℃/ 248。F
Max. Speed: 1750 min                                                         
Max. Suction height: 8m / 22 ft


Parts in contacing material:  AISI -316/304
other parts: AISI-304
Gasket: EPDM (Standard, FDA approval)
Mechanical seal: SIC/SiC/EPDM(Standard)



Gakset:  FPM(Viton) and PTFE
Connection way of Inlet&Outlet: Tri-Clamp,Thread,Flange. DIN,SMS,3A,RJT

Internal surface finishing: polished
External surface finishing: Sandblast