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Hãng cung cấp : DYNAMETERS
Model : DMDF-OP-A
Chất lượng : Bảo hành 18 tháng
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DMDF-OP-A Partially Filled Pipe Flow Meters

Series DMDF-OP-A flow meter include flow calculator, transmitter, velocity transducer and level transducer.


Excellent low flow rate measurement ability, low to 0.05 m/s

Automatically signal gain adjustment

Superior measurement accuracy

Complete in specifications, and can provide a variety of applications

User-friendly configurations

4-20mA and RS485/MODBUS output, GPRS is optional

Very suitable for large pipe sewage measurement

Has national explosion proof certificate

Flow Calculator

The flow calculator can set the cross-sectional area calculation of partially filled pipe or open channel, for circular pipe, it only need to input the inner diameter; for open channel, it only need to input the width; users also can input up to 20 point coordinates of channel to calculate the cross-sectional area
The flow calculator can display the velocity , Level, Flow rate, Flow totalizer, and is configured with 4-20mA and RS485/MODBUS output, GPRS is optional.


The transmitter and level transducer output 4-20mA analog signal of the velocity and level, which are connected to the two external 4-20mA input of flow calculator.

Velocity Transducer

The velocity transducer includes two types: Clamp-on and Insertion, both of them are hot-tapped installation and demounted online.

When installing the insertion velocity transducer, the pipe can’t be welded directly, such as cement pipe, ductile iron or other unweldable material, please notify manufacturer for extended velocity transducers (wall thickness of pipe can be up to 110mm) shown as below. In this case, it also need to install a weldable (usually carbon steel) hoop shown as below.

Level Transducer

The measurement principle of level transducer: the level transducer uses ultrasonic level meter  of special small-scale and low dead zone to measure the level. When installing the level meter, user needs to fix a welding base, the height welding base is usually 80100mm, so it can ensure a high measurement accuracy.

also can provide portable partially filled pipe flowmeter.

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